CRM & Order Taking For the Modern Sales Team

What Is CRM?

CRM is a strategy for doing business. This strategy is focused on building individual customer relationships for the purpose of maintaining a loyal customer base.

Arcos works across all departments including marketing, accounts & sales and aids to implement effective customer relationship management. Generally a company’s goal is to make a profit by acquiring, servicing and retaining customers. Arcos CRM enables companies to build a history for each customer - with the aim of being aware and staying one step ahead of your customer’s needs.

For The Entire Team

ARCOS - What ever your customer base, Retail, Wholesale, Distribution, Hospitals/GP's,  Arcos is the sales tool that is GDPR (General Data Protection Reglation) ready.

Teamed with an Apple iPad, loaded with customer details and colourful, engaging product portfolios, Arcos CRM is the modern day conversation starter to engage customers smarter & faster in a consultative way. This trend will challenge your marketing team to provide creative presentations to optimize content for the sales team.

Designed & developed with the sales team as top priority Arcos is  easy to use, yet so powerful that every piece of information the sales team need access to is at their fingertips.

On the road order taking, customer presentations, checking stock, answering customer queries and so much more…….

In addition to the many obvious benefits of having access to customer data, Arcos territory management tool with full journey plans and a quick & easy rearranging of territories.

No More Guess Work for Management

Arcos’s  analytic brain power will produce accurate reports daily and will gauge the temperature of your customer base, forecast sales, performance of products & customers and so much more….

Currently in use by numerous industry leaders in the, pharmaceutical, grocery, health & hygiene and electric goods industries Arcos is suitable for any sales team!

In Summary:

  • Territory Management
  • Customer Management
  • Order Management
  • Call Management
  • Sales & Marketing Results!

Arcos CRM can be the vehicle to attain consent and acknowledgement of your companies Privacy Statement.Procedures should be reviewed to ensure they cover all the rights individuals have, including how you would delete personal data.  Rights for individuals under the GDPR include:

  • Access to individuals data,
  • to have inaccuracies corrected,
  • to have information erased,
  • to object to direct marketing 

Examples of consent are,

  • A written statement (including by electronic means),
  • An oral statement,Ticking a box when visiting an internet website,
  • Choosing technical settings for information society (e.g. online) services

The GDPR rules also clearly state that silence, pre-ticked boxes or inactivity by an individual (e.g. failing to do something) do not indicate consent.


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