Territory Management & Analyser

Managing Your Customer Base

Arcos CRM is a strategy for doing business, focused on building individual customer relationships for the purpose of maintaining a loyal customer base. Arcos CRM works across all departments, marketing, accounts and sales, and helps implement effective customer relationship management. Territories need managing. Customers may belong to multiple groups. With Arcos, all customers are profiled and their potential monitored. Previous daunting tasks such as moving territories from one representative to another is now a simple task. Monitoring customer sales and call detailing on a daily basis is at the touch of a button.

Managing The Sales Team & Order Processing

As the week unfolds the weekly feedback form can be updated daily with data gathered while doing business. Pin point strengths and weakness’s and gauge the general mood of your customer base. All paper based forms will be replaced and weekly call and order reports will be generated from Arcos.

Order processing is streamlined. Orders received from the field can be processed automatically, updating the in-house system or sent electronically to a third party company for delivery. Split orders are catered for and held on to until delivery is due.

Customer Buying Groups & Product Portfolio

The Majority of customers now a days are part of one or more buying groups. With Arcos customers are identified as being part of a group whether i.e. a branch, or belonging to a buying group to avail of better discounts.

An interactive product portfolio allows a creative and professional presentation in a manner that keeps their attention. Show or listen to TV and radio advertisements, use pdfs and product visuals, which is all integrated with the order pad. Have at hand product specifications and  technical details which can be emailed to your customer.

Managing The Order Form

In an ever changing selling environment , in addition to  customers listing and delisting products, it is crucial to have the tool to provide the correct product information to the sales team. Whether you manage 10 or 10,000 products,   Arcos offers multiple order forms showing stock levels. Bonus and discounts are maintained against each product.


Reporting and Analysis

Arcos monitors and controls all aspects of the teams sales performance.  The effectiveness of specific promotions can be accurately measured or historic buying trends examined to aid in planning new product launches or deciding on new deals. A level 5 reporting facility allows sophisticated analysis of customers, sales, products, calls, orders, invoices, surveys, promotional items and more…..Most reports have a graphical view which is useful for the monthly sales meeting with the management and sales teams. All reports can be imported to Microsoft Excel.

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